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Mediterranean Healing Herbs of Summer

Eight Healing Herbs of Summer, How to Use Them, Health Benefits

Herbs are an extremely important part of the Mediterranean Diet. In Greece, herbs grow wild pretty much everywhere. Hiking in the mountains, the smell of the wild herbs is almost intoxicating. When you see how many wild herbs there are, it’s not a surprise that the people from this area of the world have been using herbs in their cooking for thousands of years. Besides growing wild, people in the Mediterranean have potted herbs in their house and balconies.

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Kitchen Gifts for the Seriously Busy Person

Kitchen Gifts for the Seriously Busy Person

Do you know someone who loves to cook but they don’t have the time?    I wouldn’t be able to cook delicious Mediterranean meals every day without the use of my favorite culinary gadgets.  The way I see it, spending a few hundreds dollars on time saving tools saves me thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars because I cook more at home and eat out less (and I eat much healthier at home).  Eating the Mediterranean Diet is easy when you have the right recipes and the right equipment.

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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes from the Mediterranean Diet

7 Favorite Mediterranean Thanksgiving Recipes

One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving so much is its predictability of dishes that will delight my taste buds and fill my belly.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean and sweet potato casseroles and cranberry sauce are always on the table (even at my vegetarian Aunt Sydna’s Thanksgiving table).  Traditional recipes withstanding, I still love to prepare a few Mediterranean dishes every year and I find they are always well received alongside the Turkey and gravy.  I hope you enjoy these healthy Thanksgiving recipes that may even create some new traditions in the years to come.

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Herbalism Cookbook Review

Review: Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen by Brittany Nickerson

In Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen, Brittany Wood Nickerson offers us a personal, almost magical lesson in how we are the hero in our own healing journey.  Her confidence in each of us to be able to connect with our bodies so that we may begin to take care of ourselves is evident throughout this beautifully written and photographed book.  I hesitate to call it a cookbook even though the recipes within are the kind that I have already tabbed to make again.  The vibrant green and pleasantly sweet cilantro lemonade, which I made for the Mediterranean Living crew last weekend, will definitely find itself on my table for years to come.

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