Boost Your Brain Power With Mediterranean Diet

Boost Your Brain Power With Mediterranean Diet

Boost Your Brain Power With Mediterranean Diet

Great news hot off the presses!

The Wall Street Journal shared that a new study has been released touting the brain power boost you will we receive from eating Mediterranean. This study, published by JAMA internal medicine had participants eat a typical Mediterranean Diet supplemented with a little extra olive oil or nuts. It was the first clinical, random test of the benefits of Mediterranean Diet on participants.

Study participants were followed for a period of four years while eating Mediterranean or Low-Fat diets. Those that had followed the Mediterranean way of eating, showed better memory and cognition. Scientists believe that it’s the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory elements of these foods that improve cognition.

There are many important reasons for choosing a Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle. As you may know, many studies are being published over the last few years that show countless benefits to eating Mediterranean.

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And, stop by The Wall Street Journal to read all of the details about the study.

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