Findings Support Benefits of Olive Oil

Mediterranean Diet

Findings Support Benefits of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Study Shows Benefits: Eat Mediterranean Diet!

There is both consistent praise and solid evidence to support The Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle. You will find constant articles from reputable sources showing the connection between Mediterranean Diet and cuisine.

Reuters just published a piece about recent scientific findings linking extra virgin olive oil to reduced blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The study was conducted at Sapienza University in Rome.

Participants in the study were served Mediterranean Diet foods with either extra virgin olive oil or corn oil. The participants who ate the olive oil as part of the meal experienced reduced spikes in blood sugar as compared to their corn oil eating counterparts. The participants who had olive oil with their meal also had lower LDL levels.

Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle is a sure way to improve your health and well-being. Plus, you get all of the health benefits without having to sacrifice flavorful foods.

Stop by Reuters to read the full article.

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