How To Meditate Over Coffee

How To Meditate Over Coffee

How To Meditate Over Coffee

Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle is a path to creating a healthy and happy life. You eat healthy and delicious food. You also live a Mediterranean lifestyle by getting out and about through movement. And, finally, relaxation and mindfulness is an important piece of the Mediterranean way of living. Wow, that sound easy, doesn’t it? Well, sometimes it doesn’t feel so easy. That is because we don’t feel we have the time or energy to engage in these essential activities. We end up in a cycle of energy busting practices. You can move into an energy boosting cycle, by making small steps in a more positive direction.

We loved Huffington Post’s recent article, “How To Meditate Over A Cup Of Coffee.” It’s a piece that perfectly demonstrates how one can just “dip their toe” into mindfulness practices through everyday activities. Take one of their suggestions of how to add mindfulness while doing things you already do every single day. In the article, the author speaks to the founder of The Mindful Leadership Institute. She recommends purposeful pauses while doing routine things as a type of relaxing mini-meditation. Brilliant!

Read more about mini-meditations by reading the article at Huffington Post. 

Learn more about The Institute for Mindful Leadership here. 

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