How To Peel A Potato & More!

How To Peel A Potato & More!

How To Peel A Potato & More!

We love to share kitchen tips that make preparing a meal easier and more enjoyable. There’s nothing better than stress free cooking. Here is one of our web favorites:

Looking for a quick and easy way to peel a potato? Look no further than Healthy & Natural Life. They share a “How To” video of an ultra-simple and fast method to peel your potatoes. Get the extra benefit of losing none of your potato in the peeling process!

How To Peel A Potato In The Blink Of An Eye

Interested in more newsworthy potato stories? Check out Mediterranean Living Wellness Manager, Christine Dutton’s article on “The Humble Potato in the Limelight.” You’ll learn more about the benefits of eating potatoes and she also unearths some interesting potato history. Bonus: Our Top 10 Favorite Potato Recipes. 

Stop by and read The Humble Potato in the Limelight.




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