Low-Fat Out of Fashion

Olive Oil: Important Part of Mediterranean Diet

Low-Fat Out of Fashion

Low-Fat diets have been in fashion for decades. Now they have lost their luster with the new recommendations by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Mediterranean Diet is aligned with the new dietary recommendations which call for eating healthy fats and a more plant-based diet.

In the Mediterranean, meat and seafood is served in small portions and sometimes as a garnishment to a dish. Stews are prepared with meat, but packed full of vegetables. There are many wonderful preparations such as tagines or stews, where meat plays a smaller role in the dish.

Mediterranean Diet also recommends good fats, such as fish high in Omega 3’s, eggs and plenty of olives and olive oil.

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The report recommendations have the USDA re-reviewing it’s guidelines. The American Heart Association may need to change their talking points on protective heart health as well.

Stop by NPR and read all about it. 


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