Nuts Are A Nutritional Powerhouse

Nuts Are A Nutritional Powerhouse

Nuts Are A Nutritional Powerhouse

At Mediterranean Living, we’ve always been nuts about nuts. They are a great element to many delicious Mediterranean dishes. From salad toppers to nut encrusted fish, to traditional Mediterranean herb, nut & spice mixes, you’ll find a plethora of ways to include nuts in your diet. And, there are a host of varieties to choose from. There are nuts to fit any taste. Not only are they tasty, they have many wonderful nutritive properties. Nuts are protein packed and provide “good” fats. They offer blood sugar stabilization abilities, help to control hunger and provide cardiovascular benefits. Recent studies even show a connection between eating nuts and longevity.

Learn more about the studies and benefits by reading Nuts Are A Nutritional Powerhouse article at New York Times WellBlogs.

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