Venetian Raisin Rice (Risi col’ Ua)

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Venetian Rice with Raisins

Venetian Raisin Rice (Risi col’ Ua)

Try this delicious Italian Raisin Rice (Risi col’ Ua) from Veneto. Once again, we tested another traditional family recipe from Siena Terenzio and we love it!

The largest rice producing areas in Italy are in the region of Lombardy. Although this is known, the Venetians have their own rice specialties unlike those of the Lombard’s. For example, in Veneto rice is never eaten alone; for this reason, the creation of rice with raisins was born.

Raisins are not a conventional ingredient in northern Italian cooking. Raisins are more typically used in Sicily because the Sicilian cuisine has some Arab, and Greek influences.

Photo Credit: Christine Dutton

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