Sardinia’s Mediterranean Diet

Sardinia's Mediterranean Diet

Sardinia’s Mediterranean Diet

Today Show reporters interviewed Dan Buettner about how Sardinian’s live such long and healthy lives. He is the author of “The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like The World’s Healthiest People.” His travels around the world uncovered zones where people are the most healthy. Sardinia, an island near Italy, has a people with incredibly long lifespans. They live healthy and mobile lives into their 90’s or more.

One of the things that he noticed is that Sardinians “live until they die and with zest.” They are very active and exercise with a purpose, walking 6-10 miles a day.

They avoid disease through eating a Mediterranean Diet. In this story, some interviewed Sardinians share how the minestrone soup is so essential to their longevity. This makes perfect sense as the soup includes beans, which are known to increase longevity. The minestrone soup includes just a little bit of meat and many dishes only include meat as a condiment. Wine is also one of the enjoyable components of their diet.

This article also shares some of the Sardinian foods that most increase longevity. They are all foods that are strongly associated with the Mediterranean Diet.

In this report, Dan shares that we can imitate the lives of the Sardinian to improve our own longevity. It is never too late to start.

Watch the reporting at Today.com or read the written piece.

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