Six Foods That Can Make You Happier

Vegetables and Yogurt for Mediterranean Diet

Six Foods That Can Make You Happier

Not only are we becoming a wellness culture. We are also becoming a happiness culture, with lots of information abut how to live a happier life. We believe in personal happiness as an important element of The Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle. By living a healthy life, you feel less stressed. That decrease in your stress levels lead to more of a desire to exercise and eat healthy foods. It’s a perfect cycle of happiness!

We just saw a great article at Huffington Post about how the foods you eat can increase levels of happiness. The author of the article, Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, recommends six foods to up your happiness quotient. The foods she recommends are: Probiotic foods, fruits & vegetables, coffee, dark chocolate, mushrooms and green tea. These are all foods that are essential components of a Mediterranean Diet.

Stop by Huffington Post to learn more about why these foods will make you happier.

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