The Blue Zones Solution

Mediterranean Diet and Blue Zones

The Blue Zones Solution

Daniel Buettner, is respected for his work in researching health and longevity. He pulled together a team of researchers and anthropologists to uncover the “blue zones” of people living the longest lives. These blue zones are Ikaria, Greece, Okinawa, Japan,  Sardinia, Italy, Loma Linda, California, and Nikoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. The team then further explored the cultures and lifestyles of these communities to uncover the factors that contribute to their long lives.  His book coming out of the research is “Blue Zones: Lessons for Living from the People who Have Lived the Longest.” It was well-received and provided a comprehensive look at both the diets and lifestyles of the communities he researched.

Buettner has a newly released book is “The Blue Zones Solution” which focuses primarily on the diets in the blue zones. We appreciate this book for it’s practical information on the diets of these areas. The book also provides specific recommendations of dietary changes you can make to improve your own health and longevity.

Stop by NPR to learn more by listening in or reading their transcript.

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