The Mediterranean Way: A 10 Week Diet and Lifestyle Program

Ask Yourself...

  • Are you wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, but feel like you don’t have the energy or resources to make changes?
  • Are you tired of counting calories, restricting foods, and being on special diets just to lose weight and then gain it all back again?
  • Has your Doctor told you to eat the Mediterranean Diet, but you have no idea where to start?
  • Do you feel controlled by cravings that rule your life?

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What if I were to tell you that
the Mediterranean Diet
is recognized as one of the
tastiest cuisines in the world
AND has been shown to decrease the risk of health problems?

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Most people know that eating the Mediterranean Diet is really good for them,
but they don’t know where to begin…

That’s why we have created:

The Mediterranean Way, a 10 week Diet and Lifestyle Program

What the Program Includes


  • Weekly challenges that will lead you step by step to eating the Mediterranean Diet
  • An optional weight loss program that includes Mediterranean weight loss resources
  • An on-line support group with daily check-ins from Mediterranean Living staff
  • Weekly cooking and nutrition videos from Bill Bradley, R.D.
  • Access to over 100 Mediterranean Diet recipes
  • Weekly on-line check-ins with a Registered Dietitian
  • Resources for eating out, exercising and weight loss
  • A virtual walking program across the island of Crete
  • An exercise calculator so you can translate any exercise into walking miles
  • Prizes for points earned sent directly to your home

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A Recent Testimonial from The Mediterranean Way Program

I truly appreciated all of the facets of the Mediterranean Challenge.  The program encompassed several areas including nutrition, personal growth, community involvement and general well-being.  I learned so much from the short, informative articles – the goals were realistic and reasonable to achieve in my busy schedule. I especially appreciated the variety of challenges and learned a lot about my food choices by comparing the condition and variety of my own spices, teas and meal choices with those from recommended lists.  I definitely expanded my grocery list and found the most difficult challenge for me was to eat vegan for several meals.  Lisa M., Past Participant
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More of what our participants told us about the experience…

How much does it cost for me to create a healthy new lifestyle?

We are excited to be able to offer you this program for under $20 per week.

For only $199 you will get the on-line program, prizes, on-line support group, optional weight loss program, on-line check-ins with a dietitian, recipes, walking program, and videos.

That’s right, all of that for the cost of a daily coffee.

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But wait! There’s more…

When you sign up for the program we will also send you
20 of our favorite traditional Mediterranean Diet recipes.

You can start trying the food right away.
These are some of our most popular recipes
hand picked by Mediterranean Living staff.

From Bill Bradley, R.D.

I am so excited that you are considering this program. Over the next few weeks and months I will share with you many of the “secrets” of how to eat and live Mediterranean.

For more of my personal story, and how I overcame my struggles with weight and health issues, check out this article:

How The Mediterranean Diet Changed My Life.

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