What Seafood is Safe to Eat?

What Seafood is Safe to Eat?

What Seafood is Safe to Eat?

It’s not always easy figuring out what to eat as part of a healthy and environmentally conscious diet. And, there are many factors that come into play when choosing fish and seafood. There’s quite a bit of information out there on this topic. It can be a challenge to wade through it all to discover the best sources for information.

From a personal health standpoint, it’s a good idea to choose seafood that is high in Omega 3’s. And, avoiding mercury and PCB’s is important as well. It’s also wise to take other factors into account such as farming practices for different types of seafood. And, some seafood is considered safer for consumption when farmed while others are considered safer when caught in the wild. Geography also plays a role on whether or not a particular type of seafood is a good choice. There are also particular types of seafood that should be avoided due to the way that they are caught or raised. Obviously, this becomes complex.

Oceana, an International Ocean Conservation Organization is an excellent source for information about choosing seafood. They assist consumers in making good seafood choices based on sustainability and environmental considerations. At the Oceana website you will find the handy printable, and portable Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Guides.  These guides rank seafood choices by Best Choices, Good Alternatives and Avoid, based on environmental factors. And, they cite which seafood should be avoided due to high levels of Mercury or PCBs.

There is also a Seafood Watch Mobile Application (Ap) that helps you to find sustainable seafood and determine the best seafood to buy. The Ap was recently upgraded to have the community help each other to find sustainable seafood. The Ap allows users to share information about restaurants and markets that serve and stock sustainable seafood. How cool is that?

Head on over to Oceana for a Seafood Guide and to check out the Mobile Ap.





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