30 Days to a New You

Unlock the Mediterranean Secret to Lifelong Health

Clean Eating

Delicious Food

Lower Risks of Major Diseases

Spinach and Lentils

You Deserve a Diet That Works for You

Are you curious about the Mediterranean Diet but hesitant to dive in?

Our 30 Day Mediterranean Diet Program is your chance to try it out without overwhelming commitment. It’s time to feel healthier, learn easily about nutrition, and revitalize your life.

Escape the Cycle of Fad Diets and Confusion

Tired of the Standard American Diet and conflicting diet advice?

You’re not alone. Feelings of defeat and confusion by ever-changing diet trends can be overwhelming. It’s time to step away from the noise and into a clear, proven path.

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Mediterranean Living Bill Bradley

Meet Your Guide: A Path to True Change

I’ve been where you are.

As a Registered Dietitian, my journey to achieve weight loss and maintaining it with the Mediterranean Diet inspired me to help others like you. At Mediterranean Living, we’ve tailored easy-to-follow programs, delicious recipes, and practical meal plans to make your transition smooth and life-altering.

Your Simple 3-Step Plan to Transformation

  1. Learn: Master the essentials of the Mediterranean Diet
  2. Practice: Engage in clean eating for beginners with our curated meal plans.
  3. Enjoy: Relish in delicious food while feeling the positive change in your body and mind.

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What You Will Get With This Program

  • A bonus week of preparation to ensure your success – 37 days total

  • 85 delicious Mediterranean recipes with shopping lists

  • Mediterranean 30 clean eating guidelines

  • Daily emails and videos during the week with Bill Bradley, RD

  • Lessons on the Mediterranean Diet and how to cook Mediterranean

  • Daily and weekly challenges and food journal

  • Printable Mediterranean Diet recipes and resources

  • Downloadable prizes for completing challenges


Embark on “The Mediterranean 30,” a transformative 30-Day Program designed to revitalize your health and happiness without overwhelming commitment. Break free from the cycle of fad diets and conflicting nutrition advice with our easy-to-follow plans, delicious recipes, and dedicated guidance from experienced Registered Dietitians and Mediterranean culinary experts. Our program is rooted in real results, including sustainable weight loss, enhanced overall well-being, and a community ready to support you. With a practical meal plan calendar, a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and a Crete-inspired heart healthy cookbook to boot, The Mediterranean 30 is your path to a vibrant new you, reducing health risks and improving your quality of life one delicious meal at a time. Sign up now and transform your story from tired and sluggish to energetic and hopeful with just a few clicks.

Check Out A Few Recipes We Will Share With This Program!

This program enlightened me and took me to the next level of understanding and to a greater level of how to feed my body today and each day forward. With the many videos and additional downloads and daily logging of your activity, it keeps your health focus in the forefront of your mind. Eating the Mediterranean way is one thing, eating the Mediterranean way after following the Mediterranean 30 Program is next level healing.

Elizabeth V., program participant

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mediterranean 30 is a dedicated 30-day Mediterranean diet program designed to introduce you to the Mediterranean Diet and guide you toward a healthier and happier lifestyle. It offers structured meal plans, nutritional education, and a supportive community to help you make lasting changes.

Absolutely! Whether you’re curious about the diet or looking for a structured start, this program is the perfect opportunity to try the Mediterranean Diet without feeling overwhelmed. It’s tailored to help newcomers learn about and practice the diet at a manageable pace while also getting clean eating benefits.

You can expect to learn about the Mediterranean Diet’s essentials, engage in clean eating for beginners with our handpicked meal plans, and enjoy delicious, nutritious food that brings positive changes to both your body and mind.

The program was created by a Registered Dietitian who has personal success with the Mediterranean Diet, losing 50 pounds and keeping it off. Alongside an expert team of dietitians and Mediterranean recipe developers, they crafted this program based on their professional experience and proven results.

You’ll receive real support from our community through email and a Facebook group, allowing you to connect with others on the same journey. Our staff of Registered Dietitians is also on hand to provide expert guidance.

Yes, we offer a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re committed to ensuring you’re happy with the program.

The program is designed to help you achieve weight loss and sustain weight loss by embracing the natural, balanced eating habits of the Mediterranean Diet. It promotes healthy food choices, enhanced metabolism, and a nourishing microbiome, which are key to long-term weight management.

By joining The Mediterranean 30, you can take control of your heart disease risk and look forward to reducing anxiety and depression, enhancing vascular health, lowering risks of major diseases, boosting your metabolism and microbiome, improving memory and alertness, and achieving sustainable weight loss.

You can begin your transformational journey by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button on our website. It’s the first step toward a more vibrant, healthy you.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our priority.

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