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    Zucchini Basil Soup with Lemon

    Zucchini Basil Soup with Lemon Mediterranean Zucchini Recipes

    Ever make a recipe and think to yourself, “Boy that was good, but I think I can make it even better.” Such was my experience with these two zucchini soup recipes (Zucchini Basil Soup with Lemon and Zucchini Coconut Soup with Thai Basil). The first recipe (pictured above) was inspired by a no gluten and […]

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    Mediterranean Zucchini Recipes

    Mediterranean Zucchini Recipes

    It’s a great problem to have when your garden is producing so much zucchini and squash that you have trouble using it all before it goes bad. It’s late July and I totally have that problem. This is why I decided to put together these 7 healthy zucchini recipes.

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  • Foods of Crete Cook Book

    A cookbook from the “heart” of the Mediterranean Diet
    Do you want to eat like the healthiest people in the world?

    Purchase Mediterranean Diet CookbookIn the 1960’s, the Greek island of Crete had the highest longevity rates in the world, the men lived to be the same age as the women and researchers could only find one man on the island who had heart disease.

    In our cookbook, Foods of Crete: Traditional Recipes from the Healthiest People in the World you will find over 110 delectable recipes by Koula Barydakis, a chef and cooking teacher from the island and a guide to eating the Mediterranean diet by Bill Bradley, Registered Dietician.

  • The Guest House

    Sweet Tahini Vinaigrette with Grilled Romaine

    baby romaine with tahini vinaigrette

    Since I was a kid, I have loved tahini dressing and have had it on salad, falafel, sweet potatoes, grilled vegetables and noodles.  Even though I have had it on so many foods, the basic recipe has always remained the same: tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper.  That is why I was super excited […]

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  • Bill’s Blog

    Does Olive Oil Go Bad?

    Does Olive Oil Go Bad?

    Does olive oil go bad?  The simple answer is yes, but it takes time and chances are you will use it long before it’s actually turned.  I have only seen it happen once and it was olive oil I had given to my Mom.  She opened it up, put it in the fridge and never used it.  Three years later, I opened it because I was going to cook something and found that it had gone rancid.

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