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  • Vegetable Phyllo Pie (Island of Crete)

    Phyllo pies are one of the staples of the Mediterranean Diet.  On the island of Crete, we make many different types of phyllo delicacies from cheese pies to spinach pies to baklava.   This vegetable phyllo pie is one of my favorite recipes from the time I was a kid to now.  When I was […]

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Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 at 6:44am
Has anyone ever made cashew cheese before? I am trying this recipe tomorrow. https://t.co/VoKWo7rTC5 #AlternativeCheese
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    I’m Bill Bradley, founder of Mediterranean Living.

    When I first traveled to the Greek island of Crete in 2005, my life was transformed by the food and the lifestyle. I became convinced that the Mediterranean diet was the key to vibrant health and happiness. Since then, I have written two cookbooks and lost forty pounds. My work is centered around helping others achieve health and well-being through following the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

    I live in western Massachusetts with my wife Christine. I love hiking, treasure hunting, traveling, writing and cooking.

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    "The scientifically acclaimed “Mediterranean Diet” is presented at its best here, with the liberal use of olive oil and plenty of vegetable and fish dishes in addition to mezedes (appetizers), meat dishes, desserts, and pretty much every Cretan dish you can think of." - Mary

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