Gift Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

By Christine Dutton
Updated October 21, 2021

Check out this list of fabulous, favorite kitchen gadgets. Great choices to gift yourself and your favorite home cooks!

As a home cook, I often seek out kitchen gadgetry to simplify my prep and cooking process. Some of the key things I look for in kitchen products are: fair prices, high quality, simplicity and elegance of design and time savings. Here are a dozen of my favorite products with descriptions. Perhaps you would like to populate your gift list with some of these great gadgets!

I love my Boska Holland Collection Rosewood Handle Cheese Grater. This is a great choice for when you have a small amount of cheese to grate. Lucky me, I found this grater in a clearance section at Wegman’s, but even at retail, It’s totally worth the price. I often put a chunk of Parmesan cheese on a plate with the Boska cheese grater when we are enjoying an Italian meal and it looks lovely.

Click here to check out this fabulous gadget! 

Shockingly, I finally replaced my old zester with a Microplane brand Zester. These are fabulous and the 46220 line offers a variety of bright colors. Hold your microplane with the “scooped” side facing up to catch all of your lemon zest. This zester will zest your citrus quickly and with little physical effort. It’s been great to have this tool as I use a lot of zest in my cooking. This Microplane will encourage you to use more zest in your cooking.

You can shop for the Microplane Zester here.

I can’t begin to count how many garlic presses I have broken over the years. I brought my frustrated self over to my local kitchen store. The manager at Different Drummer’s Kitchen was super-helpful and directed me to the Rösle garlic press. It is a high quality and sturdy garlic press that has a wonderful, simple design. I now find myself upgrading many of my kitchen gadgets to Rösle brand products.

Click here to order your fine Rösle garlic press.

A good mortar and pestle is an important workhorse for cooks who use a lot of whole spices. From Indian, to Asian, to Caribbean, to Mediterranean cuisines you will find plenty of use for this kitchen equipment. I keep mine out on the counter as I use it often. It comes in handy when I’m out of fine salt. I can grab the course salt and quickly grind it down for my recipe. If I’m making a recipe that calls for toasting and grinding coriander, cumin or other whole spices, I find my mortar and pestle to be the perfect tool for the job. I’ve even used it to make pesto as well as nut and spice mixes. It’s also very effective for turning fresh garlic into a paste. Emile Henry has a lovely and roomy mortar and pestle. I’m thinking of upgrading to this elegant product soon. It would certainly get a lot of use in my kitchen.

Stop by Emile Henry USA to take a peek at this beautiful mortar and pestle.

Here is a great product for those who easily come to tears when chopping onions. I think RSVP onion goggles are a nifty addition to any kitchen. They have a design that isn’t too space-aged for the kitchen. I eat onions every day, so these would certainly come in handy!

If you chop a lot of onions, here’s a great place to find this handy tool. 

I was working with a frustrating vegetable peeler for quite some time. Recently, when cooking at my friend Stephen’s home he handed me a Rösle vegetable peeler and I was immediately smitten. Peeling vegetables was like butter. Within a week, I was off to the kitchen store to add to my Rösle collection.

You can find the Rosle vegetable peeler here. 

I’d been in the market for a Silpat non-stick silicone baking sheet for some time. Then I discovered that another brand, Kitzini, was more highly rated with many reviews. As I’m writing this, I see that they are on a double discount sale-so off I go to make my purchase!

Here you can find these beautiful and useful silicone mats. 

Clear plastic squeeze bottles are always at the ready in my kitchen. I love these for adding another coating of olive oil as a finish to my favorite Mediterranean dishes. It’s also great for any recipe that requires drizzling olive oil. Use these also for your balsamic and regular vinegars. I’m sure you could come up with lots of uses!

Make your life easier by grabbing a few of these squeeze bottles for a steal. 

Everyone has favorite cooking utensils and I’m no exception. I have my favorite KitchenAid tongs, a favorite wooden flat spoon that was gifted to me in the early 90’s, a favorite metal spatula and a few spoon favorites. I love this perforated Le Creuset spoon. Sometimes a spoon just feels right!

Shop here for your Le Creuset spoon.

You’ll be shocked when you see the price of this olive wood rolling pin from Tuscany. Manufactured by Alessandro Corda, the design is direct and uncomplicated. This is the kind of rolling pin that gets handed down from generation to generation. It’s for sale over at Houzz, which is a great place for all sorts of useful kitchen items.

Stop by Houzz and check out these beautiful Tuscan rolling pins. 

This simple white nylon scraper is a must for any kitchen. This will fit into any budget and will be one of your favorite kitchen possessions.

Grab a couple of these-a great useful tool for cleanup! 

I hope you found this article to be useful for gift giving and for outfitting your own kitchen. Thanks go out to Mediterranean Living fans, who helped by contributing some of the ideas in this article!


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