Learn all about the latest research and how the Mediterranean Diet is more than a diet — it’s an evidence-based healthy living lifestyle that makes losing and keeping the weight off easy: Eat fat to lose fat; decrease inflammation; heal the gut microbiome; Eat low carb in the form of grains, but high carb in the form of fruits and vegetables.

Mediterranean Weight Loss Program

USD $89.00

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The Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • 8 weeks of meal planning with recipes and shopping lists
  • Interactive online program consisting of challenges, goal setting, exercise log
  • Email updates, videos and related articles over 10 weeks
  • Access to Facebook Group – Mediterranean Weight Loss Group
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What recent participants say about this program…

I have succesfully lost 8 pounds on the program. My health has improved and I have more energy. I am exercising (cardio/stretching/strength training) 1 – 1 1/2 hours per day 6 days per week–before program I could only do treadmill for 20-30 minutes and was very sore after an hour of pilates. I have now expanded my palate and tried various different types of food–some I wanted to try but did not know how to cook or some that I just had no desire to try. But through the program, I have gained the confidence to try various different types of food. All the recipes were delicious and easy to prepare. Thank you Bill Bradley and your Team; you all have been a God send.

Sheila C., program participant

“My partner and I participated in the Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Program during the summer and followed it pretty closely. We both took off ten pounds and learned a new way of eating. Now, nearly 4 months later, the weight has stayed off and we’re eating a much more healthy diet with less meat and more veggies. The concept of cooking an evening meal and having the other servings for lunch the next day has worked marvelously. The weekly planning and shopping has been a great takeaway.”

Kate D., program participant

The Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss program was more of a “way of living healthy” than a program to follow.  My husband and I not only lost 10 pounds each, but gained energy and began to enjoy shopping, prepping for and eating meals.  Bill’s videos were so helpful and down to earth.  I am so glad we found this road to health and vitality.

Sherri H., program participant

I lost 8 pounds but even better than that I experienced a new reverence for the foods I now eat including ripe vegetables, fruits and spices.  This Mediterranean way of cooking and eating is far better than anything I’ve experienced before.  I’m 64, have raised 3 children and I wish I had this “way” before.  It’s less expensive too!  I now feel better, sleep well and have higher energy.

Carleen W., program participant