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Mediterranean Diet Recipes to make when you are watching other people exercise

7 Mediterranean Diet foods to eat while you are watching other people exercise

Are you spending a lot of time watching other people exercise?  When I go to parties to watch sporting events, I notice that the food is usually Doritos, potato chips, M&M’s, processed dips, lite beer and sugary desserts.  The problem here, for me, is that if there is no alternative I will eat all of those foods and as the athletes are celebrating their wins on t.v., I am down for the count with heartburn and bloating.

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Mediterranean Diet Crete Bill Rock

Why the Mediterranean Diet: My Story

The Mediterranean Diet has drastically changed my life over the last 14 years.

I was brought up during the crazy dieting of the 70’s by a Mom who was constantly trying anything to lose weight and feel better.  From Weight Watchers to Overeaters Anonymous to the cabbage soup diet to dangerous hypodermic needles shot directly into her kidneys, my Mom tried it all.

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The Heartbreak of America

The Heartbreak of America

When I was researching the Mediterranean Diet on the Island of Crete I interviewed a photographer about the Island and their healthy traditions. In 1950’s Crete, the people of the Island had some of the highest longevity rates in the world. The first researchers who went to Crete could only find one man on the whole island who had heart disease. People lived long, productive lives with very little illness. People mostly died of old age.

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