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Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Scallops with Pesto

Pan-Fried Scallops with Hand-Chopped Pesto

0 of 5 10 Minutes

Pan-Fried Scallops with Hand-Chopped Pesto is my favorite Mediterranean Diet recipe creation of the summer.  It is a decadent mix of seafood, fresh basil, garlic, parmesan cheese and a lot...

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Falafel

Falafel (Chickpea Patties with Sesame, Cilantro and Parsley) – Egypt

5 of 5 20 Minutes

I have been looking for the perfect Falafel recipe for about ten years now.  There have been some horrible failures and some pretty good successes.  I finally have found the...

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Mediterranean Diet Smoothie Recipe

Mango Strawberry Smoothie with Greek Yogurt (Greek island of Yum)

5 of 5

I love the fact that this sweet, thick, fruity shake is also an anti-inflammatory packed with anti-oxidants and all the nutrients you need for a filling, nutritious breakfast.  It is...

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Red Pepper Hummus (Israel, Lebanon)

Red Pepper Hummus (Israel, Lebanon)

5 of 5 10 Minutes 3 cups

If you are looking for the perfect dip for your pita or cut vegetables, try this lively red pepper hummus. Sautéing the peppers is the key to this fabulous Mediterranean...

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Mediterranean Diet Crete Bill Rock

Why the Mediterranean Diet: My Story

The Mediterranean Diet has drastically changed my life over the last 14 years.

I was brought up during the crazy dieting of the 70’s by a Mom who was constantly trying anything to lose weight and feel better.  From Weight Watchers to Overeaters Anonymous to the cabbage soup diet to dangerous hypodermic needles shot directly into her kidneys, my Mom tried it all.

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Mediterranean Diet and Dementia

Mediterranean Diet May Decrease Risk of Dementia by 35%

A recent study showed that people who followed the Mediterranean Diet were up to 35% less likely to develop dementia.

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Spice up your Meal (and Night) with Aphrodisiacs

Many Mediterranean Diet recipes are aphrodisiacs. What exactly is an aphrodisiac? Simply put, it is a food or substance that increases sexual desire or excitement. Do you ever feel frisky after drinking a glass of champagne? That is an example of consuming an aphrodisiac. There are many juicy and delicious foods, drinks and spices with […]

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Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Recipes

How Much Water Do I Need To Drink For Weight Loss? (video)

Water has long been considered one of the elixirs of weight loss and new studies are showing us why (and how) it can help decrease our waistlines. Most of the studies on water and weight loss have come to a simple conclusion:  Drinking 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before a meal can help you lose […]

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