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7 Reasons to Stop Eating (Ultra) Processed Foods

7 Reasons to Stop Eating Ultra Processed Foods

Ultra processed foods are highly manipulated foods that have gone through many processing steps and have had sugars and/or fats plus artificial flavors and preservatives added.  They are the lowest common denominator of processed foods and unfortunately, they are also some of the most popular foods:  soda, chips, white bread, candy, sweetened breakfast cereals and most foods with a long ingredient list.

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Freezing Vegetables Mediterranean Style

7 Mediterranean Recipes you can Freeze

Have you ever had the experience of freezing vegetables that, when thawed, resembled and tasted like pond scum?  Want to learn an easy way to freeze vegetables so that they come out delicious and ready to eat?

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How to Boost Your Immune System with the Mediterranean

How to Boost Your Immune System with these 7 Mediterranean Recipes

How to boost your immune system has been on everyone’s mind lately.  Studies have shown that eating the Mediterranean Diet is one of the best ways of eating for your immune system..  The amount of vegetables, fruit, olive oil, nuts, beans and fatty fish eaten in the Mediterranean paired with very low quantities of processed foods and sugar equals an immunity powerhouse that can’t be beat.  Honestly, almost any recipe on Mediteterranean Living will be good for your immune system, but the recipes below are packed with some of the most powerful immune boosting foods out there.

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Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Journey

My Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Journey (45 pounds down)

After my mom died, I started overeating.  One meal in particular stands out in my memory.  My extended family and I were all at an Indian restaurant and I ordered a full meal and then started eating everyone else’s leftovers.  I was stuffing my grief.  Even before my mom died, I was struggling with my weight, but after she died I gained 20 more pounds and was the heaviest I had ever been in my life (256 pounds when I got married a year later).

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