Foods of Crete: Authentic Mediterranean Recipes – e-Book Edition

Experience the secrets of longevity in “Foods of Crete: Authentic Mediterranean Recipes – e-Book Edition”. Explore over 110 authentic Mediterranean food recipes from the Island of Crete, known for its low rates of heart disease and high longevity. Compiled by Koula Barydakis and Bill Bradley, RD, this digital cookbook offers simple and delicious dishes passed down through generations. Catering to all dietary preferences, it’s a flavorful journey to better health.

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Koula Barydakis and Bill Bradley, RD bring you an e-book edition of their celebrated work ‘Foods of Crete: Authentic Mediterranean Recipes’. Dive into the secrets of longevity with over 110 recipes that have shaped the healthy lives of Cretans for generations. These flavorful and authentic Mediterranean dishes embody simplicity and irresistible taste. With options for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike, this digital book invites you on an inclusive culinary journey celebrating health and indulgence.

Zucchini Fritters with Feta, Cheddar, Mint and Parsley

Authentic Mediterranean Food Recipes

Explore traditional recipes straight from Crete, home to one of the world’s lowest heart disease rates and longest-living populations.

Delicious and Simple

Enjoy easy-to-make recipes with the guidance of Cretan chef Koula Barydakis. Savour the tastes of the Mediterranean diet through nourishing and tasty dishes.

Greek Potato Salad Pin
Greek Briam (Baked Summer Vegetables)

From Meats to Greens

This comprehensive e-book caters to various dietary preferences, making it easy for you to find the perfect dish, whether you’re looking for vegetarian, vegan, or meat options.

Discover the Irresistible Value of ‘Foods of Crete: Traditional Recipes from the Healthiest People in the World

Unlock the Secrets of Longevity

  • Explore a collection of over 110 authentic recipes

  • Embrace the simplicity of flavourful and nourishing dishes

  • Experience the culinary expertise of Cretan chef Koula Barydakis

  • Elevate your culinary repertoire

Check Out A Few Recipes From Our Book!

We have been using the recipes in the book for about 2 months. The results are amazing, and the food is delicious.

Mick Turnock

I have already made a few of the recipes in this book and they all turned out wonderful, and I’m no gourmet chef. This book makes it easy to enjoy authentic Cretan cuisine, and best of all, most of it is very healthy. I would recommend this book to everyone!


Frequently Asked Questions

The digital format focuses on delivering straightforward recipes that are easily followed, without the need for images.

Yes, the Mediterranean diet is known for its health benefits, including its suitability for those managing diabetes due to its focus on whole foods and healthy fats.

Over 110 recipes are included, offering a wealth of options to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into your lifestyle.

You will find many naturally gluten-free recipes in this e-book, perfect for those avoiding gluten.

The e-book includes a plethora of vegetarian and vegan recipes, embracing the plant-rich diversity of the Mediterranean diet.

The e-book is available for immediate download after purchase.

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