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Updated June 3, 2014


Cost – Numerous studies have consistently shown that meals prepared with whole foods cost consistently less than purchasing processed foods in the supermarket.

Processed foods are highly addicting. Processed foods over-stimulate the dopamine transmitters so that you crave these unhealthy foods. They are designed to be addicting and some products contain MSG or hidden MSG ingredients.

Chronic Diseases – Eating processed foods leads to chronic diseases due to the inflammatory nature of ingredients such as refined sugars, processed flours and unhealthy vegetable oils. These diseases include heart disease, cancer and dementia.

Mood – A recent study by Oxford University showed that eating processed foods make you moody and irritable.

Phosphates – Processed foods contain phosphates. According to Rodale Foods, phosphates have negative effects on the body including kidney issues and bone deterioration.

Empty Food – Cellulose is used in processed foods to “bulk up” the food. It often comes from wood, has no nutritional value and the FDA has indicated that it is not digestible in humans. It is also used as an anti-caking agent in some products such as drink mixes and shredded cheese.

Food dyes – Numerous studies show the negative effects of food dyes on humans and some of these dyes are banned in other countries.

Natural Ingredients – “Natural ingredients” only means that it comes from nature and can include crushed up bugs for coloring (cochineal) or the dried glands and secretions from a beaver’s rear end (castoreum) used for some vanilla and raspberry flavors.

Genetically Modified Foods – Over 80% of processed foods contain GMO’s. GMO’s have been linked to illnesses in independent studies. However, the full effects of GMO’s in foods is not being thoroughly investigated due to a lack of federal requirement for GMO’s to be shown to be safe for human consumption. Processed foods contain pesticides due to the use of GMO’s. Some data from Rodale found 70 different pesticides in a cereal product!

Not Food – Many processed foods are often simply not food. Synthetic in nature, they are pretty resistant to mold growth. Heavy product enhancements make it seem real, but it’s not real food.


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