How to Eat Mediterranean

Mediterranean Diet Recipe

Traditional Moroccan Couscous Recipe (Video)

As with most recipes, technique is important. In this video, Alia and her Grandmother show step by step how to make traditional couscous.

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Vegan Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Can I Eat a Vegan Mediterranean Diet?

Being vegan means not consuming any animal products (including meat, milk, cheese, honey, fish, and chicken).  There are plenty of vegan Mediterranean recipes.  People on the Greek island of Crete are traditionally vegans half of the year, because they don’t eat any meat or dairy on religious holidays and there are a lot of religious holidays!  On those days, they will eat veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, bread, and fruit.  The great thing about this is that they have been doing it so long that they have created thousands of delicious recipes.  There is no feeling of lack on the days when they go vegan.

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