A typical table setting using the mediterranean diet meal plan

photo by Bill Bradley

One of the great things about the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan is that there is so much variety.  Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy hummus or olives because there are thousands of different foods to enjoy.  You do have to be willing to experiment a bit so you can find out what you do and don’t like.  Many people who try the diet begin by saying they don’t like a certain food and then discover they begin to love what they thought they didn’t like.  If you were brought up on frozen or canned veggies or even over-boiled fresh veggies and think you don’t like vegetables then try some of the Mediterranean veggies sauteed in olive oil and garlic with fresh herbs.  Even most picky eaters will find plenty of Mediterranean dishes they will enjoy, but of course you have to try.

Some Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Suggestions:

1.  Cook a Mediterranean breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Check out the many recipe resources within this site.

2.  Put on a Mediterranean potluck.  Invite your friends and family and have them bring healthy Mediterranean dishes.  Play some music from the region, show “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, be creative, have fun with it!

3.  Try local Mediterranean restaurants.  There are great on-line resources such as Yelp and Urbanspoon where you can enter the area you live in, type “Mediterranean” and find local Mediterranean restaurants in your area.   These sites are helpful because you can read the reviews and get a general idea of whether these are really traditional Mediterranean.  Your average sub or pizza shop down the street are usually not traditional.