A Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan can include grapes.

photo by Siena Terenzio

Some things to know right away about the Mediterranean Diet.

1.  It is an adventure.

2.  It’s history is based on thousands of years and millions of people cooking and eating and celebrating not just a diet, but a way of being.

3.  It should really not be thought of as a “diet” at all.

4.  The more you learn about the cultures that are the Mediterranean, the more you will want to make changes in your life that have to do with more than just food.

Everything you need to know about the Mediterranean way of being is in this website, but we will also lead you to other places on the web, as well as books, videos and lots of other resources.

Things to do for Step One:

Browse this website.  You will find info on all of the Mediterranean countries, great cooking videos, and of course, lots of recipes.

Check out these great books:


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Books about the Mediterranean Way of Eating:

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Website Resources:

Recipes and info on the Mediterranean Diet (Oldways)

A treasure trove of wonderful recipes and information about both the Mediterranean and Asian diets

Mediterranean Recipes from Epicurious

Superfast Mediterranean Recipes from Cooking Light

History: It is not a short lived diet or fad it has been around for tens of thousands of years.  It is one of the most studied diets in the world.

The Diet:  It is not one single way of eating, but the combined foods of many countries, islands, and regions with similar base ways of eating.  If you don’t like one way of eating than you can try another.