Not All Yogurts Are Created Equal

Not All Yogurts Are Created Equal

Not All Yogurts Are Created Equal

Yogurt has a reputation as a good, healthy food choice. It’s also one of the most common dairy-based foods in the Mediterranean Diet. We highly recommend eating Greek yogurt as part of your diet because of it’s health benefits.  Yogurt is high in protein and other nutrients and will provide you with probiotics (healthy flora necessary for your digestive system), anti-inflammatory benefits and omega 3’s.

But, not all yogurts are created equal. In selecting your yogurt, you’ll want to choose a yogurt that isn’t chock full of sugars. Look at the labels. And instead of swooping up yogurts crammed with sugars, consider healthy Greek yogurt without added sugar. You can add in your own healthy sugars, such as maple syrup, honey or fruit.

Huffington post just recently posted a shocking article about the level of sugars in some popular brands of yogurt. And, the high levels of sugars may be included in your organic products too. Here is the article at Huffpost Healthy Living showing sugar levels in yogurt that surpass the levels found in a Twinkie. 

Eating a full-fat yogurt is the best choice as it will offer more health benefits. It will keep you full longer and you’ll end up eating less.

Another thing to consider when buying yogurt is making sure the milk comes from grass fed animals. This will ensure that your yogurt has more health benefits. And, you’ll know that you’re not eating yogurt from healthy animals instead of animals that have been eating genetically modified feed. Consider Wallaby Greek yogurt as a top choice for your refrigerator. 

Use organic Greek yogurt in one of our favorite recipes, Salmon with Yogurt, Spinach, Lemon & Capers.

And we love this recipe for Red Leaf Salad with Ranch Dressing. It’s pretty wonderful to find an actual delicious and healthy recipe for Ranch dressing. Enjoy!


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