Fougasse – Olive Bread from Provence

Olive Fougasse - Bread from Provence

Fougasse – Olive Bread from Provence


The fougasse is a traditional bread from Provence. Bread is a French specialty, there are hundreds of varieties from every region of France. For example, the baguette comes from Paris and larger loaves are from other parts of France. This bread, made from olive oil and olives, is made in Provence with the ingredients that we have in abundance. This is the case for each French recipe, it comes from a particular region for good reasons, that is to say because of the indredients they have in that region.

If you are lucky enough to travel to the south of France, it is essential that you go for a walk in the food markets outside. These are magical places. When I was a child, my parents had a house in Provence and we went there every summer. My favorite time was when we went to the market. I went there to taste the delicious olives that came from the region. There were also the tapenade (olive spread) that I liked to spread on good bread. The fougasse is the perfect balance between the good bread and the olives of Provence.

It’s very simple to find good olives in the USA.  In Pennsylvania, I always find them in the salad or sandwich areas of Giant, Whole Foods or Wegmans. The most important thing is to have your favorite olive. We also find delicious olive oil here and in any type of supermarket.  I advise you to invest even if it costs a little more, you will not regret it.

Finally, don’t be afraid of making your own bread. I know that it always seems a bit exotic with yeast, but this bread is very simple to make. You don’t need to wait for hours. You only need an hour for the dough to rise. However, you will need some energy to knead the dough, this is why I advise you to use a mixer with a dough hook if you like to make your own bread.

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe that I simply love with olive oil.

Here are a few more of my French recipes.  Enjoy!

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