Prosciutto Wrapped Dates with Sage

Prosciutto Wrapped Dates with Sage

Prosciutto Wrapped Dates with Sage


This Prosciutto Wrapped Dates with Sage recipe is excerpted from our friend Brittany Wood Nickerson’s new book Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen © used with permission from Storey Publishing.

Food has the ability to mark time and experience. Each summer I look forward to ripe tomatoes and sun-kissed basil. I admire the wildflowers as they bloom and pass throughout summer and into autumn. In winter I love watching the wind blow and the snowfall, only to gratefully see it melt and the mud flow again come spring.

The first time I tested this recipe, I made it for my college roommate and her partner on their annual summer trip back east. It is always a special and joyous time of “catching up” and basking in the light of each other’s company. I can easily conjure an image of all of us sitting in the kitchen, reaching for these little treats from the pan. When I shut my eyes, I see smiles, hear laughter, and even smell the prosciutto frying in the pan.

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