Puff Pastry with Tuna, Tomatoes and Olives (France)

Best Canned Tuna Recipe: Puff Pastry with Tuna, Tomatoes and Olives (France)

Puff Pastry with Tuna, Tomatoes and Olives (France)


In France, we usually eat lighter in the evening, which is why we like to make savory tarts or quiches. They are simple and quick to do. They are also achievable with the ingredients we have in the fridge. Unlike the “quiche” type, salty tarts are thinner and puff pastry is used which makes it a little more crispy.  This is one of the best canned tuna tarts.

Canned tuna is completely part of everyday French cuisine and part of any Mediterranean Diet meal plan. It is a cheap product and is found everywhere. It adds a little protein to a dish without it being meat, so it’s lighter. The tomato, olives and the tuna combine very well together. They give a taste of the south of France that we like to find during the summer.

This tart won’t take you long to prepare. It’s a good recipe for an impromptu dinner with friends. Since it is light, we tend to serve it as a starter with some salad. Otherwise, it’s perfect for a dinner appetizer. This is something that we do a lot in France. It is a way of inviting friends without taking the lead. We prepare several small dishes, we put everything on a table and everyone takes what they want. It is an informal but pleasant dinner. For a simple appetizer, you can also cut the tart in several small slices, it will make small bites and perfect for small bouchées (small pastries). Don’t forget to drizzle on some olive oil before serving. The final drizzle brings is part of what makes it the best canned tuna recipes.

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