Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche (France)

Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche (France)

Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche (France)


You probably know the famous French dish: Quiche Lorraine. It is a mix between a frittata and a savory tart. We love it in France, it’s very simple to make and you can use your leftovers to make it.  It is typically served for dinner at home or lunch at small restaurants and bakeries.  In America, it would probably be served at brunch or as a breakfast quiche.

Instead of the ham and shredded cheese of the classic Quiche Lorraine, this version is made with spinach and goat cheese, so it’s a vegetarian meal and a bit healthier.

About the cheese, it’s very common to find fresh goat cheese in France, we really like it with a slice of bread. In America, I can’t find some at Walmart but you can have some at Wegmans, Whole Food or Trader Joe’s.  My favorite is the Fresh Goat Cheese I find at Trader Joe’s. It is good and not too expensive. In France, there are tons of different shapes for goat cheese, in the form of a log, round or even square. They also have different maturity, some are more full-bodied because they have rested longer but for this recipe, fresh is better. Moreover, for the moment, I have found only very fresh goat cheese in the shape of a log.

Finally, for the spinach, we have big spinach in France and we need to remove the spinach tails. Here, I find fresh spinach and it’s easier. No need to peel them you can directly cook them in the skillet.

I hope you will like this delicious French recipe. Serve with a salad and a slice of bread.  Don’t forget, you can create your own Quiche version with all the ingredients you want. You only need to keep these ingredients: eggs, half and half and sour cream and the pie crust, of course!

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