Stuffed Grape Leaves (with video)

Stuffed grape leaves are traditional to the Mediterranean Diet. You will find this delectable appetizer on the menu from Lebanon to Cyprus, from Turkey to Greece. Each country has their own popular ingredients for stuffing grape leaves, with the most common being rice and ground meat such as lamb or pork. The spices will also vary by cuisine, and of course there are variations within the cultures, from table to table.

This version is a traditional Cretan recipe with mellow flavoring and brightness coming from onion and a generous pour of lemon juice in the recipe. You’ll find these grape leaves to be positively delicious. They pair well w/ a spiced Greek yogurt, cucumbers, tomatoes and hummus plates.

Try our recipe and you’ll discover that working with grape leaves is simply a breeze. You will find them readily available jarred in brine at most major grocery stores.

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 Photo Credit: Christine Dutton


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