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Eggplant Rolls with Ground Beef and Sauce

Stuffed Eggplant Rolls w/ Ground Beef & Tomato Sauce

5 of 5 70 Minutes

Here is another traditional Greek recipe from our favorite Cretan chef, Koula Barydakis. She made this for us on our last day of our most recent trip to Crete and...

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Mediterranean Diet: greek easter lamb soup

Greek Easter Lamb Soup with Egg Lemon Sauce

4.5 of 5 100 Minutes

A very traditional Greek Easter lamb recipe that is served Holy Saturday after church, around midnight, is magiritsa. The broth is an extremely delicious avgolemono (egg-lemon) with lots of extra virgin...

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Baklava: Mediterranean Diet Recipe

Greek Baklava

4.5 of 5 35 Minutes

Walking around any city in Greece, you will soon realize there are beautiful bakeries everywhere serving tray after tray of syrup-laden desserts. The most popular Greek dessert is baklava. Famous...

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Lahmajun

Lahmajun Pizza (Egypt)

5 of 5 20 Minutes

Lahmajun is a thin pizza eaten in the Middle East and parts of the Mediterranean. The edges of the lahmajun get crispy in the oven and the middle is...

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Mediterranean Diet Longevity

Longevity Secrets from a 97 year old man and his 80 year old wife (Crete)

They are still in love and have the energy of any active middle-aged couple. The difference is that Giannis Maragoudakis is 97 and his wife Katerina is 80. They live on the Mediterranean island of Crete and have a lot of sage advice for us younguns.

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Grape Leaves: Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Stuffed Grape Leaves (with video)

Koula Barydakis shows us how to make vegetarian grape leaves on the island of Crete.

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Chickpea and Spinach Salad with Avocado

Koula’s Salad

Koula’s salad is our favorite lunchtime salad. It’s perfectly balanced w/ protein packed nutty chickpeas and our favorite superfood avocado. You’ll get your greens in with salad, leaving you feeling healthful and fulfilled.

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