The Mediterranean Diet: Ten Days to Happiness

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Salmon with Capers

The Mediterranean Diet: Ten Days to Happiness

Participants in my workshops often ask me when they will see a change in their health if they start eating the Mediterranean Diet.  My response is that people have significant changes in blood pressure and cholesterol in just a few months, but that some people experience changes in their mood and how their body feels in just a few days of eating Mediterranean.  This more immediate change has been self reported by people I have worked with.  There hadn’t been an actual study about the “immediate” effects of  eating Mediterranean until now.

A study just released by the Australian University of Swinburne of Technology showed that  women who adhered to a “Mediterranean Style” diet for 10 days had a significant increase in their contentment and alertness.  They also had reduced levels of confusion and improved memory. Amazingly, there was even some reduction in heart disease risk!

The surprise in this study is not that participants were more content. The Mediterranean Diet has already been shown to significantly reduce depression.  Nor is there any surprise that those who eat Mediterranean have reduced risk of heart disease.  There are many studies that show a very significant reduction in heart disease when eating Mediterranean.  The surprise is that the changes took place after only 10 days of eating Mediterranean.

What really will amaze people who starting eating a “true” Mediterranean diet is that it is incredibly delicious, healthy, and easy to follow.  You’ll get used to the fact that eating healthy means no calorie counting; eating plenty of the right fats; trying tasty foods from different countries; and returning to celebrating food. Then, you will no longer be surprised about just how good you are beginning to feel.

To learn more about eating Mediterranean start with our article: How to Eat the Mediterranean Diet.

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