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Brian Luke Seaward

Podcast: Stress, Digital Toxicity, and the Hero’s Journey with Brian Luke Seaward

We cover a lot of ground in today’s podcast, from how to get out of negative thinking loops to how crisis can be transformative. We also talk about the hero’s journey, digital toxicity, and how to stop being a victim of your life. I think you will find many nuggets from Brian that could be life changing in both small and large ways.

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Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight on The Mediterranean Diet

I lost 40 pounds eating the Mediterranean Diet. Here are some of my secrets to losing weight and still eating amazing, delicious food!

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Olive Oil and Olives from Mediterranean

The Power of Olive Oil. Benefits, Myths, and French Fries

In this podcast, we interview Dr. Artemis Morris, a naturopathic physician about the health benefits and myths of olive oil. One of the myths of olive oil is that you cannot use it for frying or deep-frying, because of its low smoking point.

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Podcast - Living to be over 100 years old: Dr. Artemis Morris

Podcast – Living to be over 100 years old: Dr. Artemis Morris

I am so excited about our interview with Dr. Artemis Morris, a Naturopathic Physician and co-author of  The Anti-inflammatory Book for Dummies.  Dr. Morris is an expert on the Mediterranean Diet whose family is from the Greek Island of Crete.  She spoke with me about what the healthiest people in the world ate on a weekly […]

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