Basil, Scallion and Pistachio Pesto

Basil Scallion Pistachio Pesto: Mediterranean Diet Recipe

Basil, Scallion and Pistachio Pesto


The amazing thing about pesto is the number of Mediterranean Diet recipes there are for such a simple dish!  At Mediterranean Living we have been on quite the pesto kick. Fresh herbs are beginning to proliferate in the garden. Personally, I think they call to be crushed up into a delicious pesto. Pestos are considered a condiment so the possibilities are endless.

Pestos are a popular dish of the Mediterranean Diet, with variations on this dish offered on menus throughout the northern Mediterranean region. Similar to Mediterranean Sofrito, it offers many health benefits by including a variety of healthy superfoods.

Try our Basil, Scallion and Pistachio Pesto atop fresh tomatoes and sliced fresh mozzarella. Stack this delicious combination of foods atop a loaf of crusty sourdough bread for a lovely open-faced sandwich.

I adore this pesto over pasta or with fresh grilled fish, such as tuna or salmon. It is also quite nice served with grilled vegetables and a side of crusty bread or pita.


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