Black Bean Stew

Black Bean Stew

Black Bean Stew


Try Our Delicious Black Bean Stew!

This black bean stew dish is the foundational dish of Bill Bradley’s book “Things to Do with Black Bean Stew.” This book is an unusual and tasty culinary treat full of flavors that span the globe, but with the one thing in common, recipes built on black bean stew as one of the ingredients. This book also includes recipes for sides and condiments.

You’ll find this recipe to be delicious and warming. It’s a great way to take advantage of all the health benefits and high protein of black beans.

A couple of recipe tips: For faster preparation, buy baby spinach so you won’t need to remove any stems. Also, you can purchase mushrooms pre-sliced. We highly recommend fire-roasted tomatoes which add an extra depth of flavor. You can find fire-roasted tomatoes in most grocery stores. If desired, you could add low sodium vegetable or chicken broth to think this to a soup texture. You may need to add additional salt to taste.


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