Halloumi and Watermelon Salad (Cyprus)

Halloumi and Watermelon Salad (Cyprus)

Halloumi and Watermelon Salad (Cyprus)


Today’s recipe for Halloumi and Watermelon salad comes from our new friend, Irini Savva.  Irini is a freelance food writer and health coach of Greek-Cypriot descent.  She has many amazing recipes at her site: www.irinisavva.com.

If you’ve visited Cyprus in the summer, you will know that no trip to this Mediterranean island is complete without a large watermelon sitting on your kitchen counter. Old pickup trucks filled with watermelons are scattered along the roads, where locals sell their biggest and juiciest seasonal fruit. Restaurants serve thick slices of the sweet fruit at the end of a meal, often complementary, and supermarkets have rows of halved or quartered perfectly ripe watermelons on display. It’s no wonder the summer is always associated with mouthwatering watermelons, locally known as pattiha.

Health benefits of watermelon

There is so much more to watermelons than just a summer snack. The fruit contains many health benefits; it has a high-water content, is low in calories, high in nutrients such as carotenoids, vitamin C and cucurbitacin E. Watermelon not only helps improve your digestion, it’s also good for your skin and hair, which makes it an ideal hydrating fruit for the hot humid weather in July and August. In fact, Cypriots love watermelon so much they even use the thick white rind to make a spoon sweet called glikol tou koutaliou.

What is halloumi?

One of the most common pairings for watermelon is halloumi cheese. Halloumi is a semi-hard, brined cheese traditionally made with sheep and goats’ milk, often referred to as traditional village halloumi. Today it is mostly produced with cow’s milk which makes the cheese milder and softer. Slices of locally made halloumi are usually served with watermelon for breakfast or a light snack. This recipe for halloumi and watermelon salad is ideal for a light summertime lunch. Cubes of halloumi are lightly fried in extra virgin olive oil until golden. The flavor works well with sweet chunks of watermelon, fresh mint, and salty throumbes olives (dry salted black olives).

How to fry halloumi

When frying or grilling halloumi cheese, make sure the slices are not too thin and do not cook too many at the same time, as the moisture from the cheese is released into the pan initially. Frying in smaller batches results in crispy halloumi that’s still soft inside.

Where to find halloumi

We found ours at Trader Joe’s.  You can also purchase at Whole Foods Market and any traditional Mediterranean store or any store with a large cheese selection.

Check out more Mediterranean recipes from Irini Savva at www.irinisavva.com.

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