Lima Bean and Tomato Salad

Lima Bean and Tomato Salad

Lima Bean and Tomato Salad

We love lima beans. They have a wonderfully firm, yet velvety texture. They go well in soups, salads, and even pastas. One of our favorite ways to prepare Lima beans is as a bean salad, with the central focus on the Lima bean. What a great way to get lots of vegetable protein in your diet and it makes for a filling main or side dish. You can also prepare add a lima bean salad to a salad with a little olive oil for a fine mixture of greens and beans. It makes for a perfect lunch.

Lima Bean and Tomato Salad is fabulous anytime of year, but you’ll especially enjoy it as a side dish at your cookout or barbecue. This salad offers up mostly delicate flavors, so it’s excellent alongside spicy marinated grilled meats.

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