Oregano Tea

Oregano Tea

Oregano Tea


This Oregano Tea recipe is excerpted from our friend Brittany Wood Nickerson’s new book Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen © used with permission from Storey Publishing.

Tea can be made from fresh or dried herbs. Teas made from fresh herbs are light, with little color, and richly aromatic. Culinary herbs generally lend themselves well to fresh-plant teas because they have so many potent, delicious volatile oils. Those volatile oils also tend to hold up well to drying, so dried-plant teas can be equally aromatic, but they usually have a thicker, richer flavor and a darker color. Teas made from dried plants are richer in vitamins and minerals than fresh teas; the drying process breaks open the cell walls of the plant and gives the water greater access to plant constituents.

Use: Teas can be drunk hot or cold, but consider whether the temperature will add to the medicine. For example, if you have a head cold, hot tea will help break up congestion and expectorate mucus, whereas room-temperature or cool tea on a hot day will help you feel refreshed.

Order Brittany’s new book Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen here.

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