The Power of The Nap

The Power of The Nap

The Power of The Nap

The Mediterranean lifestyle focuses on eating healthfully and getting regular exercise. The lifestyle also encourages making time for restorative activities too, such as yoga, meditation, spending time with family & friends and taking naps.

In Greece, there is a saying that translates as “Living a life of Kefi.” A life of Kefi means that you are living in a joyous, passionate and excited way. You can bring yourself into this state through the power of positive thinking, and also by creating a balanced life that includes relaxing and reviving activities. Being flexible, going with the flow, dancing, listening to music, taking naps: these are all things that will bring you to a more joyous place. Even a 5 minute power nap offers you restorative benefits.

A power nap for a little jump start and to improve your cognitive thinking is about 5-20 minutes. Any longer, and you’ll move into REM cycles and you might feel groggy. If you feel you are really in need of a rest, you can take a 60-90 minute nap. The longer nap offers a deeper sleep and more energy rejuvenation.

It sounds a little funny, but taking naps can be hard for many people. This is mostly because we are always so busy and on the go, that it is challenging to wrap our heads around the idea of building in nap time. Take our word for it, a nap is not a waste of time! In addition to getting an energy boost, a power nap will improve your cognition and you’ll wind up more productive in the end. Napping has the added benefit of allowing ourselves to slow down and decreases stress levels.

There are also studies that back up the benefits of a good nap. A 2007 study of Greek men showed a significant reduction of heart disease in men who took at least three naps a week. And a 2008 British study showed that a nap was more effective than a little longer nighttime sleep or a jolt of caffeine. There are also many studies showing improvements in brain function including memory and creativity. Clearly taking naps is worth your time.

Stop by the Sleep Study Foundation for napping benefits and tips. 

And, check out these recommended sleeping aid phone aps from Aps Gone Free. 

Ok, now time for a nap.


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