12 Mediterranean Chicken Recipes You’ll Love

By Winter LeBlanc
Updated May 15, 2023

Here are 12 of our favorite Mediterranean chicken recipes! These recipes are a mixture of traditional moroccan, greek and mediterranean-inspired recipes that are easy to make. These all follow the principles of the traditional Mediterranean Diet. Although meat is eaten less on the Mediterranean Diet, chicken is still consumed in the Mediterranean and is used in some amazingly delicious ways. We hope you enjoy these seven Mediterranean chicken recipes!

7 Mediterranean Chicken Recipes You'll Love

Mediterranean Chicken Recipes

1. Chicken Skillet with Mushrooms and Slivered Parmesan

Chicken Skillet with Mushrooms and Slivered Paremesan

Make this chicken skillet with mushrooms and parmesan in 20 minutes! Serve with a vegetable and bread and you have yourself a meal!

Try our Chicken Skillet recipe here!

2. Dutch Oven Mediterranean Chicken Thighs

These mediterranean chicken thighs are perfect for a chilly evening when you want something warming and flavorful to lift your spirits.

Try our Dutch Oven Chicken Thighs recipe here!

3. Anatolian Chicken Stew with Capers and Olives

spanish chicken stew

Make this hearty Anatolian Chicken Stew in only 30 minutes. Top with capers and olives for the authentic flavor of the Mediterranean.

Try our Anatolian Chicken Stew recipe here!

4. Tahini Chicken with Polenta

Tahini Chicken with Polenta

Try this creamy comfort food direct from the tables of Italy. Tahini Chicken with Polenta will fill your belly and your Mediterranean soul.

Try our Tahini Chicken recipe here!

5. Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Cook this traditional Moroccan chicken tagine in a Dutch oven or crockpot. Tender chicken, flavorful broth and Mediterranean vegetables.

Try our Chicken Tagine recipe here!

6. Moroccan Chicken with Peppers, Lemons and Olives

This Moroccan inspired dish is a fusion between a Mediterranean Diet recipe and the flavors of New England. I have cooked this for thousands of people and many have told me that I should bottle the sauce.

Try our Moroccan Chicken recipe here!

7. Skillet Chicken with Lemony Mustard Greens and Olives

Mediterranean Diet: Skillet Chicken with Lemony Mustard Greens and Olives

This Mediterranean Diet recipe uses mustard greens and I think you’re going to love them after you try it. Searing the chicken in the skillet adds delicious fat and flavor to the greens. Lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil are always a compliment to bitter greens.

Try our Skillet Chicken recipe here!

8. Chicken Leek Soup

leek soup

We had this chicken leek soup again last night and my wife asked me “why is this soup so good?”. It’s a question worth exploring because it is the favorite soup in my cooking classes as well. It is so simple and just a scan of the ingredients wouldn’t have me running to make it. But, the blend of chicken sautéed in olive oil, wine, and leeks makes for a delicious combo that is well worth the minimal effort of making it.

Try our Chicken Leek Soup recipe here!

9. Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs with Peppers and Onions

Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs with Peppers and Onions

Think of sausage with peppers and onions, but with chicken thighs instead of sausage, and all of it baked together on a sheet pan for pure ease. Sheet pan meals are becoming more and more popular because you can have a well-rounded meal without dirtying a bunch of pots and pans.

Try our Sheet Pan Chicken recipe here!

10. Greek Slow Cooker Pasta Sauce with Chicken

greek slow cooker pasta sauce with chicken (greek kokkinisto)

This is a traditional Greek dish that is savory and warms you right up. Of course, it isn’t traditionally made this way, but for the ease and foolproof fork-tender meat, I’m using a slow cooker. This is one of those Greek comfort foods I can imagine myself eating in a small taverna high up in the mountains of Central Greece with the smell of wood fires burning and slow-cooked meats stewing.

Try our Greek Slow Cooker Pasta Sauce recipe here!

11. Mediterranean Chicken Pesto Pasta

Mediterranean Chicken Pesto Pasta

Mediterranean Chicken Pesto Pasta leftovers can be made into a nice chicken pesto pasta salad the next day. Simply add some thinly sliced red onion and 1 Tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. If the pasta salad seems dry you can add olive oil.

Mediterranean Chicken Pesto Pasta recipe here!

12. Grilled Turmeric Chicken

grilled turmeric chicken

This easy grilled chicken recipe involves marinating boneless skinless chicken thighs in a simple marinade with turmeric that creates a bright beautiful color and wonderful taste!

Try our Grilled Turmeric Chicken recipe here!


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