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A Famed Asparagus (Hadley Grass)

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Mediterranean Living is headquartered near the Connecticut River in Western Massachusetts. The river-bordering towns are famed for rich soil and beautiful farmlands. Born from this richness is a strong local farming community. You can pick up an abundance of fresh, local produce at farm stands, CSA's and farmer's markets. One of the most celebrated foods grown in our area is asparagus grown in Hadley, MA. In fact, Hadley has been known as "The Asparagus Capitol of the World." This asparagus is literally fit for a queen, having been served for many years at Queen Elizabeth's II's Annual Spring Feast. We affectionately refer to asparagus as Hadley [...]

Parsley: The Unsung Hero

By |Weeds and Spice|

Parsley doesn't have the glamorous reputation of some other native Mediterranean herbs. You could say it's an unsung hero with lots of star qualities, like brightening just about any dish, being incredibly versatile and inexpensive to boot. We love adding parsley into our pestos and it really makes your pasta and seafood dishes shine. Like all Mediterranean herbs, Parsley is packed full of nutrients. And Parsley also affords health benefits like lowering blood pressure and improving kidney function. Studies also show that Parsley may have a role in inhibiting cancerous tumors. And, why not soothe your digestive system with a [...]