Olive Oil and The Simple Salad

Olive Oil and The Simple Salad

Olive Oil and The Simple Salad


“Olive oil is as important to a salad as a door is to a barn”

—-From One Thousand Salads by Olive Green (I kid you not, that’s his real name), published 1909


My wife Christine used to like to eat her salads without any dressing.  To me, a naked salad could only be eaten if the vegetables were fresh from the field.

Since I wasn’t going to be convinced to start eating my salads with no dressing, I had to bring my wife down the road of fresh olive oil based dressing.  Not much tastes better than a fresh vegetable salad with the tangy “pop” of an olive oil vinaigrette or the pleasure of lemon and parmesan cheese lightly whisked with a buttery olive oil.

She tried these three recipes, which completely turned her around when she tried these three recipes: Dijon Vinaigrette, Lemon Parmesan Dressing, and Greek Salad.





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