Traditional “Greek Restaurant” Salad Dressing

Traditional “Greek Restaurant” Salad Dressing

Traditional “Greek Restaurant” Salad Dressing

A Greek salad in an American Greek restaurant is quite different than a Greek salad eaten in Greece.  Here, in America, a Greek salad is made up mostly of iceberg lettuce and then some tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, black olives, and feta cheese.  It is all topped off with a huge squirt of a  “Greek”  Mediterranean salad dressing.  Even though I much prefer the Greek salad of Greece, which has no lettuce and more of all the good stuff including a dressing made up of just lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, I still like the American version every once in a while.  The American “Greek” dressing is always very flavorful and for many years I have tried to perfect my own version.  I think I have finally done it!  This dressing will last at least a week and a half in the fridge and is delicious whether you make your Greek salad with or without lettuce.  It also makes a great marinade for chicken or fish.  Enjoy!

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