7 Mediterranean Food Destinations

By George Zikos
Updated October 26, 2021

Traveling to the Mediterranean is an amazing experience. The sun is always shining and the breeze from the Mediterranean sea is refreshing. There are sun-kissed beaches, beautiful little seaside villages, imposing mountains, and fresh, delicious food destinations. Combine the traditional Mediterranean diet with beautiful weather, hospitable people, extreme natural beauty, a laid-back lifestyle, and you have the vacation of a lifetime! These 7 articles are written by a number of friends and colleagues who have traveled and lived on and in Mediterranean islands and countries. They come from a variety of different backgrounds, but one thing is the same, they share a passion and love for the Mediterranean diet! These articles are full of their beautiful pictures, food destinations, places to stay, places to visit, and how to get the most out of your Mediterranean Living experience!

Culinary Pleasures in Paros Island

Mediterranean Diet: Culinary Pleasures in Paros Mediterranean Living

Beautiful Paros island in the Cyclades, Greece.

The last time I stepped foot on the island of Paros island was for a day trip over 20 years ago with my mother and cousins from Crete, Greece. This time, I had the opportunity to see Paros through the lens of an adult, having grown into a physician, nutritionist, and culinary aficionado with a specialty in the Mediterranean Diet.  At first, I was struck by the….

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Cuisine of Thessaloniki

Mediterranean Culinary Travels: Thessaloniki

For me, and for many other food lovers, Thessaloniki is a gastronomic paradise. Walking down the streets, you are pulled in every direction by the aromas of grilled meats, strong coffee, fresh bread, savory pies and the sweet smell of bakeries pumping out tray after tray of syrup-laden desserts. There are plenty of ouzo and meze houses that serve small plates of traditional dishes that are influenced by years of occupation from different nations. The city of Thessaloniki has had so many different rulers over the centuries. It is a crossroads for trade, being next to the sea and right on the Egnatia Odos (the ancient Roman highway from Italy to Asia), and lies on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula. This ideal location has added a wide array of ingredients from all over the Mediterranean and Asia to Thessaloniki’s culinary repertoire. These small taverns and ouzo restaurants have kept these traditional plates popular, pairing them with local wine and aperitifs. 

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How to Eat Gluten Free in Italy

Mediterranean Diet: Eating Gluten Free in Italy

When I first informed my friends and family that I would be studying abroad in Italy for a month to study the Mediterranean Diet, their initial response was, “What are you going to eat?” They all know I have been gluten-free (GF) for a year and while they were excited for my opportunity, it was clear that images of pizza, pasta, and grains were flying through their heads.

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The Flavor of Extremadura Spain

Extremadura Featured Image

Three hundred huge Iberico pigs approach like a herd of buffalo, raising dust, hooves vibrating the earth below our feet.  “Don’t be afraid,” Pepe said with a smile, “they are friendly but don’t let one get a hold of your foot!” We are on the pastures of Dehesa de Solana, Jamón Ibérico producers in Cáceres, an autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain. Our guide for the day is Pepe Alba, master carver and owner of Turismo del Jamon.com. He turns and walks directly through the herd, they follow as he leads them down to the water to wallow in the cool mud. The pied piper of pigs.

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Eating Briam on the Greek Island of Ikaria

briam ladera

The jolly middle aged man with slightly rounded features and a walk that reminded us of Andre the Giant rattled off the specials of the day.  This was a weekday in the Mediterranean and the specials were the only items on the menu.  Goat stew, tzatziki, Greek salad, and Briam.  I get such a thrill when I hear the words…

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Rhodes, The Greek Island of Sun

Rhodes The Greek Island of Sun

Rhodes is the island of the sun, having over 300 days of sun annually.  The Mediterranean diet is in full force here, with the olive tree being cultivated since ancient times. There are citrus trees and vineyards, beautiful wildflowers everywhere, and an array of wild herbs and greens growing out of the fertile Rhodian soil. I fell in love with this Mediterranean island after visiting my sister there when she studied abroad

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Chios, Greece – The Greek Island of Mastic

Chios - Mediterranean Diet

For a taste of an authentic Greek lifestyle, visit Chios Greece (pronounced “Hee-os”), the island destination of Greek families and friends. Far from the tourism of the Cyclades, it lies 7 km from the Turkish coast and has maintained an essentially Greek way of life in its culture, its natural resources and especially its food. Chios is a large island, dry and mountainous.  Its main town, Chios, sits on a harbor which serves as a port for shipping and fishing vessels. Just outside of the town of Chios, the Kambos is known for its citrus orchards which grow the prized…

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