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Sheet Pan Haddock with Swiss Chard and Sun Dried Tomatoes

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When I was growing up, my mom did most of the cooking. Inspired by her Italian grandmother and ancestors, she made delicious pasta dishes, baked bread and comforting casseroles. My dad, on the other hand, would only cook on occasion and it always revolved around the same thing - fresh fish. Much to my mom's chagrin, these nights felt very special as a kid because dad was cooking. Not only was he cooking, but his excitement about the fish he had selected at the fish market was contagious. One of the reasons he would get so excited is because he [...]

Pasta alla Puttanesca with Canned Tuna (Italy)

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Pasta alla Puttanesca is arguably one of the most classic pasta dishes, both in Italy and around the world and one of my absolute favorites to cook and eat. It’s pungent and rich in traditional Mediterranean flavors like olives, capers, tomatoes and oregano, so much so that is impossible not to love it! According to tradition, this pasta dish was created on the island of Ischia, in the Gulf of Naples, one night around 100 years ago, when a group of hungry people entered into a local restaurant asking for something to eat. As it was really late, the owner [...]

Creamy Greek Feta Dressing

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In our house I am the condiment and dressing guy.  I love topping vegetables (and everything else) with all kinds of flavorful creations.  This creamy Greek feta dressing is my new go to favorite for a dip with vegetables or chips.  I also love it on our Greek Chop Chop salad. When most people think of feta cheese they think of Greek salad, but feta can be used to make dressings for salads as well.  Feta cheese has been consumed for thousands of years in the Mediterranean and is a centerpiece of the Mediterranean Diet. In Ancient Greece it was [...]

Greek Omelette with Zucchini and Mint (Crete)

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This recipe for Greek Omelette with Zucchini and Mint is brought to us by Koula Barydakis, Crete-native and co-author of the cookbook, "Foods of Crete: Traditional Recipes from the Healthiest People in the World".  Check out her write-up below! Ever since I started cooking, I have always been trying out new recipes because I love creating something new and delicious.  I was fortunate to grow up in a village in Crete where the land is fertile and good for planting during any season, allowing us to grow fresh and organic vegetables. The freshness and quality of the herbs and vegetables [...]

Tian Provencal (French Baked Summer Vegetables)

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This beautiful recipe for Tian Provencal (French Baked Summer Vegetables) was created by our French recipe developer and food photographer Mary Devinat. If you are looking for a new vegetarian centerpiece for lunch or dinner, Tian Provencal is both gorgeous and delicious. We hope you enjoy it! Read more about the dish from Mary below. When I prepare this dish, I can only remember the summers I spent as a child in the Luberon, a very beautiful corner of Provence. You hear the cicadas singing and you feel that typical heat there. These are just great memories and the cuisine [...]