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Learning about the Mediterranean Diet

Is Coffee Bad for Cholesterol? Depends on what kind you drink.

Your Doctor has told you that your cholesterol levels have creeped into the borderline to dangerous category.  They may tell you that in order to avoid taking medications you need to start eating more salad or that it is time to dust off your running shoes.  They may recommend you start following the cholesterol lowering Mediterranean Diet.  Something that you probably won't hear them say is "oh, and it's time to stop drinking coffee."

Pan Con Tomate (Spain)

The pan con tomate that we make here in our Spanish home in Guadalajara, and which is found in bars and restaurants all over Spain, is based on an old tradition in Cataluña. Originally known as ¨pa amb tomaquet¨, the Catalonian tradition was to take stale bread and rub it with raw garlic and wedges of tomato, then drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle it lightly with salt.

Healing the Planet with a Plant Based Diet

The future needs sustainable food systems and plant based diets are what scientists are telling us to eat in order to combat climate change. A plant based diet doesn't have to be a vegetarian or vegan diet. Any diet that puts the primary focus on eating plants (while still allowing for some meat) is a plant based diet. The Mediterranean Diet is a plant based diet. So the question is... could eating a diet that’s been around for thousands of years be a sustainable diet for the future of our planet? 

7 Mediterranean Chicken Recipes You’ll Love

Here are 7 of our favorite Mediterranean chicken recipes! These recipes are a mixture of traditional moroccan, greek and mediterranean-inspired recipes that are easy to make.  These all follow the principles of the traditional Mediterranean Diet. Although meat is eaten less on the Mediterranean Diet, chicken is still consumed in the Mediterranean and is used in some amazingly delicious ways. We hope you enjoy these seven Mediterranean chicken recipes!



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