Chorizo and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers for Mediterranean Diet

Chorizo and Rice Stuffed Peppers


One very popular Mediterranean Diet recipe is stuffed peppers. They are delicious, whether vegetarian or as a meat based dish. This chorizo and rice stuffed pepper recipe is one of my new favorites. The hot spice of the chorizo, and punch of the garlic and onion combine for a bold dish full of flavor. I also love the addition of a garlicky tomato sauce to this dish.

Honestly, I wasn’t too keen on making my first stuffed pepper recipe. I think a history of experiencing flavorless and soggy stuffed peppers had completely turned me off the idea of this tasty and traditional Mediterranean based dish. The first recipe I tried was Koula Barydakis’ Greek stuffed peppers. Her version made me a convert. You can try her recipe here.

Stuffed peppers are easy to prepare and look spectacular. They come together quickly for a weekday dinner. And, one stuffed pepper makes a meal. I’m looking forward to trying many stuffed pepper recipes, and experimenting with different types of peppers, grains, meats and seasonings. The world is your oyster, so they say, when it comes to making stuffed peppers.

I hope you enjoy this new recipe!

Photo Credit: Christine Dutton

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