Greek Lamb, Tomato, and Onion Kabobs (Island of Crete)

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Lamb, Tomato and Onion Skewers lamb kabobs

Greek Lamb, Tomato, and Onion Kabobs (Island of Crete)


One of life’s great pleasures is eating a piece of lamb that has been cooking rotisserie style over a fire for hours.  The tender, flavorful, slow roasted meat fills your taste buds with joy especially when accompanied by freshly baked bread and a glass of red wine.  For most of us, we simply don’t have the time (or the fire-pit) to slow cook a lamb, but grilling lamb kabobs is a different story.

These Greek lamb kabobs gives you the same savory morsels in a fraction of the time.  The keys to delicious grilled lamb is 1)  marinating the meat for up to 8 hours, 2) cutting the meat into small enough pieces for quick cooking and 3) creating just the right temperature (medium) on the grill so that the meat is juicy on the inside with just a hint of crispy on the outside.  The bread and a couple of glasses of red wine are still highly recommended!

Serve with our Authentic Greek Salad, Tzatziki and/or Lebanese Grilled Corn on the Cob.


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