Tabouli (Lebanese Bulgur and Parsley Salad)

Tabouli is one of the most refreshing mezes out there. It’s the perfect healthy, light summer food to cool you down. It’s mostly fresh parsley which gives it the beautiful dark green color. It uses bulgur which is whole wheat. The addition of freshly chopped tomatoes and lemon add acidity. This tabouli recipe is delicious by itself, but even more amazing with fresh pita bread to scoop it up. I also love putting it in a falafel pita with hummus too. What makes this meze so easy to make is that you don’t actually need to cook anything. You let the bulgur wheat soak in very hot water but that’s the extent of cooking you’ll do. Make sure to buy fine bulgur for this recipe because the coarser bulgur won’t cook through with just hot water.

This recipe comes from Malvina Salloom, whose son is a well known musician and friend of ours, Roger Salloom.  Malvina, who recently passed away at the age of 94 was an amazing cook as well as someone who dedicated her life to helping others through volunteering.  She was so committed to helping others that she received the Key to the City of Worcester, Massachusetts for her charitable works.  This is her traditional Lebanese tabouli recipe.


tabouli recipe


If you happen to be planning a party or get together, I would highly recommend a meze spread.  You can make any combination of the following mezze recipes.  I like to serve these with a traditional Greek salad, crusty bread and some wine.  I also highly recommend any of these foods if you are planning a picnic or looking for great travel food.  Crackers, some cheese and any of these mezze below are great anywhere you go!