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7 of our Favorite Mediterranean Zucchini Recipes

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Zucchini is just as plentiful in the Mediterranean as it is everywhere else which is why there are so many Mediterranean zucchini recipes. On the island of Crete, zucchini is often fried or baked in extra virgin olive oil. If you like fried food, the zucchini recipes for zucchini fries and fritters will rock your world. Zucchini is also a great vegetable for anyone who is avoiding gluten. Below you will find a recipe for zucchini noodles that even pasta lovers like myself find equally as tasty as normal pasta noodles.

Mediterranean Dinner Recipes of Summer

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Summer is here and it is the best time to be eating Mediterranean. Why? In the summer time, fruits and vegetables are tastier than ever, people (even in the States) are slowing down, and families are reconnecting and sharing meals together. These are all staples of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. We have put together a collection of dinner recipes that you and your loved ones can enjoy for hours, not minding the clock but enriching yourselves in the present with healthy food that tastes amazing. We've include both main and side dishes, dinner recipes for both the grill or oven, vegetarian options - a whole assortment for you to choose from.

Our 7 Favorite Spanish Recipes

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Here are 7 of our favorite recipes from Spain! We've included some of the tastiest, most traditional dishes the country has to offer including Tortilla Española, Patatas Bravas and Garlic Soup. What I love about Spanish food is how simple the ingredients are. Just grab some staples like high quality extra virgin olive oil, ripe vegetables and fresh eggs and you have yourself a delicious meal.

Does Eating Mediterranean Safeguard Against Alzheimer’s?

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Alzheimer’s disease affects our memory and ability to think, making it a threat to how we perceive reality. In the Mediterranean, Alzheimer’s is less prevalent, but is it because of the diet? A new study helps answer that question.

How the Adele Weight Loss Diet Compares to the Mediterranean Diet

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In 2020, English singer-songwriter Adele lost over 30 pounds by adopting a new diet and regular exercise. The Adele weight loss diet is also known as the Sirtfood Diet, which was created by two British trainers in 2016. Like many other new diets, the Sirtfood Diet draws from more established diets like the Mediterranean Diet.

Our Favorite Mediterranean Asparagus Recipes

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These asparagus recipes offer up a variety of Mediterranean asparagus preparations. Whether its a main ingredient in a traditional Cretan soup or a tasty side dish, asparagus is a delicious addition to any springtime meal. We hope you enjoy these asparagus recipes and that they inspire you to eat more of this tasty veggie.

Rachael Ray Weight Loss Secret – The Mediterranean Diet

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Rachael Ray, the celebrity chef, author and business woman, lost over 40 pounds. So... what’s the Rachael Ray weight loss secret? Here’s a hint. It’s plant-focused, easy to follow, and fueled by healthy fats. You guessed it - the Mediterranean Diet.