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John Goodman Weight Loss Secret

John Goodman Weight Loss Secret: The Mediterranean Diet

What is the John Goodman weight loss secret?   After years of struggling on his weight loss journey, Goodman found a diet that worked – the Mediterranean Diet.

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microbiome diet

Mediterranean Diet Positively Alters the Gut Microbiome (Study with Recipes)

The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to increase the good bacteria in the microbiome which leads to decreased frailty in older adults plus better cognitive function. Specific Mediterranean recipes are included that will benefit your gut microbiome and make your whole body feel great.

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7 Reasons to Stop Eating (Ultra) Processed Foods

7 Reasons to Stop Eating Ultra Processed Foods

Ultra processed foods are highly manipulated foods that have gone through many processing steps and have had sugars and/or fats plus artificial flavors and preservatives added.  They are the lowest common denominator of processed foods and unfortunately, they are also some of the most popular foods:  soda, chips, white bread, candy, sweetened breakfast cereals and most foods with a long ingredient list.

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Olive Oil and Heart Disease - Butter Substitute

Olive Oil Could Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease By Nearly 20% – Plus Seven Recipes That Use Olive Oil Instead of Butter

In recent years, Americans have begun incorporating more olive oil as a butter substitute in their diets and the heart healthy effects are beginning to show. A new study shows that men and women from the U.S. who consumed higher amounts of olive oil benefitted from lower instances of heart disease. By incorporating more olive oil into our diets we have the potential to protect our hearts. 

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Mediterranean Diet Pantry Staples

How to Stock your Mediterranean Pantry

Learn how to stock your Mediterranean pantry! Download this PDF of Mediterranean pantry staples to use as a resource! If you’re trying to eat the Mediterranean diet, stocking your pantry with the right ingredients will make following the diet so much easier! For the busy person, you don’t want to have to search for these ingredients in the grocery store every time you make a new Mediterranean diet recipe.

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Register for our Mediterranean Diet Program Now!

Do you want to learn HOW to eat the Mediterranean Diet? Join our 10-week online Mediterranean Diet program that begins September 3rd. Learn step by step how to eat the healthiest diet in the world!

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Traditional Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Traditional Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Try our traditional Mediterranean Diet meal plan that will show you foods that the people of the Mediterranean ACTUALLY eat. These recipes are very traditional foods from their respective countries and are eaten from childhood.

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Mediterranean Diet Longevity

Longevity Secrets from a 97 year old man and his 80 year old wife (Crete)

They are still in love and have the energy of any active middle-aged couple. The difference is that Giannis Maragoudakis is 97 and his wife Katerina is 80. They live on the Mediterranean island of Crete and have a lot of sage advice for us younguns.

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mediterranean diet and lifestyle

How the Mediterranean Diet Changed my Life

In 2006, after years of gaining weight, dieting, losing weight, counting calories, restricting foods, and binge eating, I made a two month trip that would gradually change not only my dieting life, but every aspect of my life, for the better. For those two months, I lived on the relatively small Greek island of Crete, […]

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Cumin: Food, Medicine and Currency

Cumin: Food, Medicine and Currency

Cumin is a spice that does the body good! And of course, it is delicious in Mediterranean cuisine.

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